Your Phone

1 – Voicemail indicator
2 – DDI soft keys
3 – Feature Softkeys
4 – Navigation cluster
5 – Volume
6 – Headset; Mute
7 – Voicemail; Hold
8 – Redial; Transfer
9 – Speakerphone

Feature Buttons

Use feature softkeys to view calls and access features
such as Call Log. Use the Direct Dial soft keys (DDI’s) to
call the contacts on the Directory.

Buttons illuminate to indicate status:

Green, steady: active
Green, flashing: incoming call
Red, steady: line in use
Red, flashing: internal extension incoming call

Make a Call

  1. Pick up the handset.
  2. Enter a number, and then press the Send soft key.

Answer a Call

Pick up the handset.
Or press the Speakerphone button (9).

Put a Call on Hold

Press the Hold button (7) or press the Hold soft key (3) during an active call.
To resume a held call, press the Hold button (7) again or the Resume Soft key (3).

View Your Recent Calls

  1. Press the History soft key when the phone is idle and press the up or down arrows to scroll through the list.
  2. Select an entry from the list, you can do the following:
    Press the Send soft key to place a call.
    Press the Delete soft key to delete the entry from the list.

Transfer a Call to Another Person

  1. From a call that is not on hold, press the Transfer button (8) or the Tran soft key (3).
  2. Enter the other person’s phone number.
  3. Press the Transfer button (3) or the Transfer soft key again.

Add Another Person to a Call

  1. From a connected call that is not on hold, press the Conf soft key.
  2. Enter the number of the second party, and then press the Send soft key.
  3. Press the Conf soft key again when the second party answers. All parties are now joined in the conference.

Make a Call with a Headset

  1. Plug in a headset.
  2. Enter a number using the keypad.
  3. Press Headset button (6)

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