Barton Telecom have some fantastic offers available on business mobiles. We have a strong relationship with O2 & Vodafone. Enabling us to provide highly competitive & flexible tailor-made tariffs to suit your business needs. Whether you require low, medium or high usage contracts, ranging from 250 minutes to unlimited or a 250mb to unlimited data, our dedicated mobile solutions team are here to help find the perfect solution for you!

We have the latest iOS and Android handsets available and various pricing options, including SIM only and hardware financing.

No matter your business requirements, we have you covered.

Business Mobiles

Why choose Barton telecom for your business mobiles?


4G coverage for 99% of the UK’s population

Latest mobile handsets available at affordable prices


Clear billing structures

SIM only or set contract tariffs


What our Customers Say..

5 star rating on googleMaziak Compressor Services are long-standing customers of Barton Telecom for office telephony, and recently asked them to submit a tender for business mobiles.
Following a comprehensive, clear quotation Bartons were awarded the contract, delivering costs savings and a more streamlined service, with office and mobile telephony in the same place.
They provided support and advice throughout the changeover of supplier and network, ensuring deadlines were met and the project ran smoothly.
Bartons have always offered support and advice as needed, and continue to be Maziak’s partner of choice.

Jo Briggs

Maziak Compressor Services


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Business Mobile FAQs

Do I have a limit for my calls, data, and text messages?

There are many tariffs to choose from to suit your needs. These range from 500 minutes, unlimited standard SMS and 500mb of data to a fully unlimited tariff. Tariffs can be changed if the existing one doesn’t work for you.

Can I keep my number?

You can always keep your phone number when changing provider. It’s totally up to you whether you want to keep your number. You can either port your number over when your SIM transfers to us, or you can start fresh and get a new number.

To keep your current number, you will need to request a PAC Code from your existing provider.

How to get a PAC code?

You can either text a designated number from your current provider or ring them.

PAC codes are normally made up of nine digits and will be valid for 30 days. If time runs out before you've had a chance to use the code you were supplied with, you’ll need to request a new PAC code.

Do I need a new SIM card?

If you’re staying with the same network operator (for example, O2), you won’t need a new SIM card, it will just transfer across on the date the port has been placed for. If you are moving from one provider to another (for example, Vodafone to O2), a new SIM card will be required.

Will I have a bill limit?

At Barton Telecom Services, we will always ask you for a bill limit to save any bill shock. Things such as dialling international numbers or travelling abroad can cause you to stack up a bill spend. You will get notified and eventually have your SIM barred, if this limit is hit. We can then remove the bar or wait until the start of the month where your tariff will refresh back to normal. Contact us for more information.