Barton Telecom offers a variety of VoIP Business Telephone Systems. Choosing a cloud hosted solution allows you to have all the features of a traditional telephone system but without the box or the big upfront cost. If you have the correct infrastructure in place such as category 5e/6 cabling and a high speed, quality broadband line, then we can install a VoIP solution into your site.

Cloud hosted telephony works via the internet as a pure IP/SIP system, giving you the flexibility to relocate phones by simply plugging into a different network point in your office, or even at home.

Using IP/SIP also allows you to keep your existing number should you move to another location. You can also have other numbers on your system with different area codes, e.g. a Wellingborough number (01933) or a Northampton number (01604).

Should your premises have to shut temporarily for a period of time, you could easily work remotely by taking your phones home or work off PC softphones/mobile apps. We can also divert your calls in seconds - minimising business disruption. If you are interested in a VoIP or hosted solution for your business, or would like some more information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How VoIP Can Benefit Your Business

There are lots of ways in which VoIP & Cloud-Hosted telephony can benefit your business. For example:

Bundled Minutes

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity as Standard


Ease of Growth

Easy to Manage via an Online Portal

Mobile & PC Softphones

No PBX Maintenance Fees

Minimal Capital Outlay

Free Calls Between Sites

Remote Working

Call Recording

Highly Reliable

VoIP Business Telephone Systems

Barton Telecom's VoIP telephony platform provides advanced call functionalities, such as call logging, call queuing and voicemail to email, while allowing an affordable and configurable solution.

Our platform allows customers to add new users as and when required. We provide you access to an online portal so you can make programming changes yourselves.

Our service is 100% cloud hosted which means users simply need an internet connection and a VoIP telephone to get started. PC Softphones and Mobile apps are included as standard, which makes home working seamless.

Yealink T54W

Yealink T54W

The T54W is able to offer HD sound because of its Optima HD technology which offers a crystal clear audio. With Gigabit pass through, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB 2.0 port, the Yealink T45W is a high quality handset with high tech capabilities.

Yealink T46U

Yealink T46U

The T46U is one of Yealink’s IP Phone's for executive users and busy professionals. Designed with a high resolution TFT colour display, delivering a rich visual experience. Yealink Optima HD technology enables rich, clear, life-like voice communications.

Yealink W60P

Yealink W73P

The Yealink W73P can have up to 10 DECT phones and 20 calls simultaneously. With 35 hours of talk time and a huge  400 hours of standby time. It also has a very crisp looking 1.8" TFT colour display.

Yealink T43U

Yealink T43U

The Yealink T43U has 21 programmable keys for enhancing productivity. It has the Optima HD Voice for clear, crisp communication. The T43U also has Gigabit Ethernet pass through for rapid call control.

  • Yealink T53W

  • Yealink T55

  • Yealink T56A

  • Yealink T57W

  • Yealink T58A

  • Yealink T58V


What our Customers Say..

5 star rating on googleWe have been a customer of Barton Telecoms for a number of years and have always received excellent customer service. Having now upgraded to their VOIP solution we look forward to this continuing. The installation and training was excellent and we are now benefiting from the flexibility a VOIP system gives us.
Can't recommend highly enough.

Colin Avis



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VoIP Systems FAQs

If I switch to VoIP, will I lose my existing numbers?

No, exactly the opposite. You can take your numbers with you through a process called a number port, which Barton Telecom Services can take care of for you.

Is VoIP expensive?

With the option of bundled minutes, less hardware and fewer maintenance hours required, there may even be cost savings. Not to mention the amount of upgraded facilities you get included with your licence.

Do I need to change to VoIP?

BT are switching off all traditional telephone lines (ISDN & Analogue) by 2025, this means you will need to migrate to a VoIP product by the end of 2025.

Is VoIP sound quality as good as traditional systems?

Most VoIP systems come with HD handsets which provide you with high-definition call quality. If you do experience crackly calls, it is often caused by poor broadband or internal network issues.

What happens if a VoIP system goes down?

VoIP telephony can be more resilient than traditional phone lines. If you have a broadband fault, we can set an automatic failover divert to a destination of your choice. Our VoIP service is also backed up by many data centres. Meaning, if there is a problem with the carrier the traffic will automatically failover to a backup server.