How to Dial Out

Enter the name (user name or contact) or phone number (extension number or any external phone number) and select Call from the drop-down menu:

Wildix Search Call

It is possible to use speech recognition for search: click on the Microphone icon (make sure the microphone is connected to your PC or your PC has a built-in microphone) and start talking, the system automatically transforms your speech into text.

From Colleagues:

  • Mouse over a colleague and click on the Handset icon 
  • Or mouse over a colleague, click on Options button (three dots) and select Call
  • Or right-click on a colleague and select Call 

From Fn keys:

  • Mouse over a colleague and click on the Handset icon
  • Or mouse over a colleague, click on Options button (three dots) and select Call
  • Or right-click on a colleague and select Call 
Wildix FN Call

Answer a Call

  • To answer a call: click the green Handset icon
  • To decline a call: click the Hang up (red) icon
  • To forward a call without answering: click Arrow icon, select the contact to forward a call to (using search)/ or transfer a call to Voicemail: 
Wildix Answer Call

Call Management

You can manage a call directly from call dialog window: 

  • 1 – Hang up
  • 2 – Hold/ resume
  • 3 – Transfer
  • 4 – Call recording
  • 5 – Dialpad / Send DTMFs
  • 6 – Other (expanded): 
  • 7 – Add tags
  • 8 – Add notes, not available for calls between colleagues
  • 9 – Call quality (shown only in case of a single call)
  • 10 – Hide/ display a call dialog window
  • 11 – Mute/ unmute your microphone. Mute icon is crossed out by default (flashing when muted)

How to Transfer a Call

To transfer a call to another user:

  1. During a call, click on the Transfer icon
  2. Enter the contact name/ number (user status and additional phone numbers are displayed)
  3. Click on the Envelope icon to transfer a call to Voicemail, the Handset icon for attended transfer and Arrow for blind transfer, in front of the number you wish to dial: 

How to Put Someone on Hold & Make a Second Call

Click on the Hold icon during a call to put a call on hold to resume a call. The second party hears music on hold.

When you make / answer a second call, the current call is automatically put on hold.

It is possible to swap between an active call and a call on hold by pressing the Hold icon (Hold icon is blinking in for the call which is currently on hold):

How to Park a Call & Retrieve it

When on an active call, press the transfer button –> and type in “Park”. It will then bring up the park buttons where you press the arrow to send it to that park position.

Once you have parked it, the park FN Key will start to flash.

To retrieve this call, right click on the park button and click pick up.

How to Add Contacts to the Phonebook

Click on the phonebook then click on the + and enter the name and number.

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