Wildix Collaboration User Guide – Mobile Softphone

Menu Button Functions

Menu Descriptions

1 – Contacts
2 – Call History
3 – Dialpad / Function Keys / Active Call
4 – Chat
5 – Settings

On Call Button Functions

During a call you can navigate your device, open the App and tap Dialpad to come back to the active call.

1 – Video

2 – Hold

3 – Transfer. Select the needed option for the list: Contact (choose a contact from Contacts)/ Number (dial a number you wish to call from Dialpad)/ Device (select a device where you wish to pass the call)/ Function key (select FK to transfer the call)

4 – Record a call

5 – Mute

6 – Speakerphone. Tap to switch between audio sources: Speaker/ Handset (iPhone)/ Headphones

7 – Conference (in case there is more than one active call)

8 – Hang up

9 – DTMF

10 – Switch back to Dialpad/ Function keys tabs to make a new call

How to Transfer a Call

Blind transfer:

(transfer without notification)

  1. Tap Transfer button during a call
  2. Tap Contact to select a number from the phonebook or Number to manually enter the number
  3. Select a contact and tap the number / enter the number and tap the green Handset button

Attended transfer:

(transfer with notification)

  1. Tap New call button during a call
  2. Make a new call (select a contact from Contacts or dial the number manually)
  3. Wait till the other party answers (the previous call is now on hold)
  4. Tap Transfer button and select the call on hold to complete the transfer

Transfer option via Function keys “Colleague”, “Park Orbit” and “Speed dial” is available:

  1. Tap Dialpad and select Function keys to switch to Function keys menu
  2. Select the function key to transfer a call
  3. Tap Transfer for blind transfer, otherwise tap Call to start a call first (attended transfer)

How to Park a Call

When on an active call press the blue circle telephone icon.

Now press the 4 squares icon.

Now select which Park button you want to send the call to.

Then click on Transfer to place the call on Park.

Once the call has been placed on Park, you will see the Park button as being on a call.

To retrieve a parked call, click on the Park location and then press Pickup.

Call History

Tap History to access the log of calls. Incoming, outgoing and missed calls (highlighted in red) are displayed in All tab. To view only missed calls, tap Missed tab.

Tap and hold a call to be able to delete, archive or copy a phone number to clipboard.

Tap the double Arrowhead icon to view user contact details and a call log. 

How to Log Out of Wildix Collaboration iOS

  1. Tap Settings -> Account
  2. Tap the Log out icon:

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