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Webex for Broadworks User Guide – Mobile Softphone


Webex for Broadworks provides best in class Unified Communication capabilities fully integrated with your VoIP service. The application can be run across different devices, to meet your needs, inside and outside the office.The desktop version of the app will work across computers running Windows and Mac iOS. The mobile versions can be run on Apple and Android mobiles and tablets. The features available within the app will depend on your Webex licence.

How to Make a Call

To make a call, simply click on the Dial Pad icon in the top right of your screen.

Calling Screen - Mobile

This will then bring up the Webex dial pad allowing you to enter in your required destination. You can then select the Phone icon to make your call or the Video icon to start a video call with another Webex user.

Mobile Dial Pad

How to Answer a Call

When you receive a call, you’ll see a notification allowing you to:

  • Answer: to take the call
  • Decline: if you can’t answer now
Webex App Answer

If your phone is locked, you will be able to Swipe to Answer from your lock screen.

Lock Screen Answer - Mobile

How to Transfer a Call

To Transfer a call press the More button (3 dots) on your active call control screen.

Call Control Mobile

Now you have the option to select Transfer.

Calling Options - Mobile

You can then select or dial the destination you wish to send the call to.

Transfer Destination - Mobile

Finally, you can then chose if you would like to perform an Attended Transfer, so you can speak to the person first, or a Direct Transfer.

Transfer Options - Mobile

Putting Someone on Hold

To put a call on hold, press the Hold button in your active call control panel. The caller will now here your on hold music/information.

Call Control Mobile

To retrieve the caller, just press the Resume button.

Resume Hold Mobile

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