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Use your Collaboration credentials to access the App. (Ask Barton Telecom Services if you are unsure what these are).

Wildix Phone Application

1 – Status

2 – Voicemail

3 – History

4 – Dialpad

5 – BLF Keys

6 – Chat

7 – Web application Integration

8 – Settings 

Change your Status

Tap user status to:

  • Set your status to DND / Away and set expiry time for this status (optional)
  • Set the status message (optional)


This menu allows you to:

  • Listen to Voicemails: tap Play icon
  • Mark Voicemails as Read: tap Eye icon
  • Delete Voicemails: tap Trash icon

You can also tap on a voicemail message to display the drop-down list: call a user who left a message, mark as read or delete it.


This menu allows you to:

  • See the list of all calls and call duration (synced with Wildix PBX)
  • View user contact details including status 
  • Listen to call recordings/ view faxes
  • Make calls/ start chats
  • Archive/ delete calls

Place a Call

  • Enter the number and tap the green button 
    Note: The number you entered is automatically dialled after the timeout of 5 seconds, if the handset is in off-hook position.
  • Otherwise start entering a number or a name into the Search field, then tap on the contact that appears below the Search field. Tap on a number you wish to call: 

Call Management

1 – Hang up

2 – Hold / Resume

3 – Mute / Unmute

4 – Video

5 – Transfer

6 – Conference (in case there are more than one active calls)

7 – New call

Call Transfer

  • During a call tap Transfer
  • Enter the number for the transfer into the Search field:

1 – Tap for Attended transfer (call recipient is notified): new call starts, tap Transfer button again from Call window to complete the transfer
2 – Tap for Blind transfer (call recipient is not notified)
3 – Tap to cancel transfer

Call Transfer via BLF Keys

Transfer a call to a colleague / a call group configured as BLF key

  • During a call, go to BLF keys menu
  • Tap the BLF key of a colleague / call group
    • Tap Transfer for blind transfer (without notification)
    • Tap Call for attended transfer (with notification): new call starts, tap Transfer button again from Call window to complete the transfer

View the full Wildix Vision user guide here

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