About Wellingborough School

Wellingborough School based in Northamptonshire is a School which provides the opportunities that enable their pupils to discover their potential and decide who they want to be. It achieves this in a warm, supportive, and challenging environment where pupils, staff and parents work together to ensure that every child flourishes.


Wellingborough School were running a very old and redundant BT telephone system that they were paying extortionate line rental and system maintenance fees on. The school was using a lot of the telephone services over old copper cables with over head joints. Cable faults were becoming more frequent and difficult to manage and just the general state of the telephone system needed a fresh upgrade. They also had various business mobile contracts that they were also paying over the odds for.


Barton Telecom Services sat down with the customer and got a feel of what they were trying to achieve and informed us on up coming plans for improvements of their physical data infrastructure across the site. They implemented a large fibre optic data infrastructure across the whole Wellingborough School grounds. This allowed us to propose a large telephone system upgrade which would use IP phones to limit the need to use the degrading copper cables on site.
We installed a large multi cabinet Panasonic NS700 telephone system with SIP trunks. We also took over their business mobile contracts bringing theirs costs back down and in line with the current market value.

Impact & Advantages

The solution allowed the customer to have a mixture of IP, digital and analogue devices. They also have various door and gate phones. The customer now has a new telephone system installed with low maintenance fees and cheap SIP line rental with bundled minutes.

The customer has now been able to remove most of their copper cabling around the site as they continue to upgrade to IP devices. We have also saved them money on their business mobile contracts.