About Tingdene House

Tingdene House is ideal for the kind of business that wants a professional, flexible, simple, and hassle-free office environment. Their offices are available in many different layouts and specifications. Whilst the offices have fixed opening hours, you can use your office 24/7/365, just unlock and lock up when working outside of the normal hours.


We have looked after Tingdene House in Wellingborough since their launch. Originally using a Toshiba CIX 100 telephone system, over time it got more difficult to manage due to the increased interest in the serviced offices and demand for communications. The broadband was also being stretched with the increased load. Tenants were complaining of disconnections and slow speeds during peak times.


Barton Telecom worked with Tingdene House and the IT team to create a future proofed solution to tackle the current stress on the telephone system and broadband connection. While also making sure the customer would have plenty of room to grow when required.

We installed a 100mb leased line to manage data traffic and a new Gamma Horizon VoIP cloud phone system to allow the customer to add extra users as and when they are required.

Tingdene House have a large variety of tenants ranging from marketing companies to medical organisations. This meant that we needed to accurately manage the bandwidth between each company while reserving some for the VoIP telephone system.

Each company is programmed individually on the VoIP phone system, making it extremely easy to manage. Tenants can now bring their current phone numbers with them and take them away again should they vacate the office. It has also given them the flexibility to publish regional phone numbers while managing them all from one Wellingborough office.

Impact & Advantages

The tenants at Tingdene House are now benefitting from a much stronger broadband connection with plenty of bandwidth available during busy periods which were previously causing problems. The customer can now manage the new VoIP phone system much easier than the previous Toshiba phone system. Allowing them to deploy and reallocate phones by a click of a button, meaning new tenants can be in and settled as soon as possible. The customer has now been able to offer the fast broadband connection and VoIP phones as an incentive for new tenants to run their business’ from Tingdene House.