The Cost of Living Crisis for Business Telecoms

For many, the current cost of living has really had an impact on the way we are going about our day-to-day business. From the cost of fuel to the rising energy prices, for some it is starting to become unmanageable. This is also the case for many businesses who are also seeing an increase in wholesale buy prices, everything from shipping to materials. As well as the added moral burden of making sure employees are still being looked after through this tough time when business profit levels might be lower than expect.

During these uncertain times, we have seen reports of businesses needing to close or reduce production due to the increased operational costs.

How Can Barton Telecom Services Help?

Here at Barton Telecom Services Ltd, we are looking to support other businesses to try and reduce their communication bills. There are many things that we can do to try and help your business run more efficiently, with an eye on financial outgoings.

VoIP for Businesses

One way to avoid unexpected financial hits, is to upgrade your old onsite telephone system to VoIP solution. VoIP solutions are cloud based which means there is no onsite equipment apart from your physical telephone handsets, should you require one. PC softphones are also available. Reducing your hardware components means you’re less likely to need anything replacing at a cost to you if the warranty has expired. You may also see a monthly cost saving as our VoIP solutions all come with an inclusive bundle of minutes to all 01, 02, 03 and the main 07 UK mobile network numbers.

We can offer our VoIP telephone systems on both 1-year and 3-year contract options, meaning you are not tied into any long expensive terms, should your situations change.

If you are already using a VoIP telephone solution, we may be able to reduce your monthly rentals if you choose to bring your services over to us.

Business Broadband

We also offer extremely competitive business broadband packages. These include Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and leased lines. We can often offer customers a price reduction to their current broadband rentals, so it’s well worth getting in contact with us to see how we can help. Again, we can also offer our broadband services on low contract terms.

Business Mobiles

You may also be aware that we also provide business mobiles. We offer tariffs from 500mb of data, right the way up to unlimited data allowances. We provide SIM only deals which is a great way to keep your costs down by utilising your already owned mobile devices. We can offer our SIM only packages on monthly rolling contract terms, meaning if you find that your circumstances are changing, you have the peace of mind knowing you can cancel at any time. We also offer mobile hardware too as part of a lease agreement.

No matter how tough times are, Barton Telecom Services Ltd have a cost-effective solution to your business communication needs. So, if you are looking to save money across your business comms accounts then please get in contact with us to see how we can help.

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