About TCP

Technical Consumer Products Ltd (TCP) are a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality lighting products. With offices around the world, they supply light bulbs to Wi-Fi smart LED strips. Founded in 1993 in the USA, TCP grew extremely quick to become the market leader in America for Fluorescent Lamps before extending the product range to a portfolio of Halogen and LED lamps. They have a global presence and have a large office in Corby, Northamptonshire. TCP were introduced to Barton Telecom Services by Syntec Systems who are also a company based in Corby that specialise in business IT support .


TCP were running on an old Avaya phone system which lacked flexibility. They were after a phone system that would allow home working and to be able to manage their call traffic more efficiently. With the unforeseen events of the Covid 19 pandemic, TCP soon realised they needed to upgrade their current phone system to allow them to stay at the forefront of their industry and to be able to provide the same level of service to their customers.


Barton Telecom proposed that TCP should upgrade to a VoIP phone system. Using a cloud phone system would allow them to introduce hybrid working into their business, with staff able to work from a mobile or PC softphone. They could also take their Yealink T54w phone home and work remotely. Syntec Systems made sure the PC network had the capability to deal with the VoIP phones, by upgrading to PoE switches and other new and improved IT infrastructure.

Impact & Advantages

The new VoIP phone system meant the TCP were able to work from anywhere while keeping their same high standards. With the introduction of PC and mobile softphones they have been able to make and receive calls from anywhere, providing they have an internet connection. This has meant their business could carry on as normal during the Covid pandemic when home working was recommended by the government.

We ensured that the transition from the Avaya phone system to the VoIP solution was seamless. With the correct planning we were able to make sure the customer didn’t have any down time. The management of the whole project from both Barton Telecom and Syntec Systems made it extremely smooth for the customer.
TCP now have a very flexible and scalable phone system in place. They are now able to add new users with just a day’s lead time, meaning they no longer need any costly hardware upgrades to add new extensions to their system.