About PTT Group

The PTT Group are a family run business based in Northamptonshire. They specialise in tiling tools including tile trim and all associated products. Barton Telecom Services have looked after Pro Tiler Tools for the best part of 10 years. Originally based in Blisworth, they were working from just 1 analogue line with various basic cordless phones dotted about. They have since grown year on year and are now based in Earls Barton in their large 3 warehouse and office site.


PTT Group have grown a considerable amount in the last 10 years. They have outgrown a number of offices and warehouses, so it has been our job to foresee any growth and make sure they have the relevant comms in place to handle it. The customer was using a Panasonic NS700 phone system with SIP trunks, which had served them well over the years. However, with a move to a new larger warehouse on the horizon the customer required a phone system that was flexible and scalable to deal with their increasing growth.


Barton Telecom proposed that the most suitable option for the PTT Group was to move to a fully cloud based phone system. This would allow them to work between both sites during any transition periods plus the VoIP phone system is also very scalable. We are even able to add additional users to the system the next day! PTT Group are so reliant of having a strong reliable broadband as many of their orders are done via their website. This being the case, the best option was for them to have a dedicated leased line installed. A 200mb/1GB leased line will comfortably deal with their current demands whilst also leaving scope for any additional traffic that they might generate in the future.

Impact & Advantages

PTT Group were able to move the majority of their warehouse and management staff across to the new unit, while still leaving their sales team and other members of staff in the old unit. The transition period of around a month was kept seamless due to the versatility of the new VoIP cloud phone system. Meaning they could manage calls from both sites, without anyone knowing any different. The 200MB/1GB leased line has meant all traffic is easily managed across their network, while leaving bandwidth reserved for the VoIP telephone system and large WiFi network.