About NDAS

Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service (NDAS) began under the name of Northampton Women’s Aid in 1976. Originally staffed by volunteers the organisation has changed a lot since then but has always been dedicated to helping and supporting the victims of domestic abuse.
Barton Telecom began working with NDAS around 3 years ago. With a potential move on the horizon and a failed old Norstar telephone system, we were called in to install a replacement phone system. This has since lead to further work such as various broadband services at their refuges.


NDAS had a Norstar telephone system running on an ISDN 30 circuit. The system failed and needed replacing right away. Due to their contract term with BT, we had to install a temporary Panasonic phone system, with a VoIP upgrade agreed once their BT contract had ended. NDAS were also looking to move premises which meant a VoIP solution would be perfect for them.


We proposed that we would install a refurbished Panasonic telephone system on a rental agreement as it was intended to be a temporary option. We called out the next day and installed the new phone system. NDAS then moved premises a year later. We were then called in to review the current telephony solution and improve it to suit their move. We upgraded them to a VoIP cloud phone system, which meant they could take their current phone numbers with them as they moved out of the current exchange area.

Impact & Advantages

NDAS were able to move to their new property in Wollaston, Northamptonshire while keeping their existing 01604 phone numbers. They have also been able to install phones in many of their refuges which are linked to their main site. NDAS also used Barton Telecom Services to install FTTC broadband connections into each of these sites. Giving them an all-round stable and reliable link to head office.