About Northampton School for Boys

Northampton School for Boys (NSB) is a secondary school in Northamptonshire. It was founded as Northampton Town and County Grammar School in 1541 by Thomas Chipsey, Mayor of Northampton. Years 7 to 11 are boys-only, while Sixth Form classes are mixed. The school generally ranks among the best performing in the country.


Barton Telecom Services were contacted by Northampton School for Boys in 2022 for the opportunity to install a new VoIP telephone system to replace their obsolete Panasonic TDA 600 and ISDN phone lines.

As Northampton School for Boys were using ISDN lines on their now obsolete Panasonic TDA600 telephone system. With the ISDN/PSTN cut off in 2025 coming round fast, they needed to move over to a VoIP telephone system. They also wanted the option to roll out internal and external phone numbers to over 150 staff members with a voicemail to email feature allowing an easier line of communication between parents and teachers.


After understanding Northampton School for Boys initial requirements, we invited them to our demonstration suite, where we were able to show them the different VoIP solutions we offer. We spoke about Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and the Wildix telephone system. After going through both options, it soon became clear that the Wildix solution was going to be the best option for them.

The Wildix VoIP phone system enables all users to have their own PC softphone and mobile softphone. They are also able to have physical handsets for the users than require them.
With Individual DDIs and an auto attendant directing callers to the correct departments the system will make things much easier and efficient for the school.

Impact & Advantages

Northampton School for Boys have now been able to roll out a telephone solution to every member of staff. This allows them to have voicemail to emails left while also allowing them to make calls easily in case of an emergency, using a mobile or PC softphone.
We provided training for all staff members on how to use the new phone system effectively, making sure everyone understood the basic user functions. The main users such as receptionist were given further training.

The school auto attendant allows an option for parents to report their child’s absences. This gives them the opportunity to leave a voicemail which will then be picked up and passed to the relevant departments.

Another advantage of Northampton School for Boys upgrading to a VoIP phone system is that they will no longer be affected by the ISDN/PSTN switch off in 2025.

We ensured that the transition from the Panasonic TDA 600 telephone system to the VoIP solution was seamless. With the correct planning and setting up the VoIP phone system during the school holidays, we were able to make sure the customer had minimal down time.