As of 2nd August 2021, a further 86 exchanges have been confirmed by Openreach as part of the FTTP Fibre Rollout Programme, which means a Stop Sell will come into effect in these exchanges from 2nd August 2022 and no new WLR-based products will be available in these areas

Hardingstone (22nd Jan 22), Cogenhoe (2nd Aug 2022) and Earls Barton (2nd Aug 2022) exchanges have already been issued their stop sell notices.

The Great Switch Off

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will reach the end of its life in December 2025. After this date, any services supported on Wholesale Line Rental (WLR), including Single Analogue Lines, Multi-Lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30, will need to move to alternatives. The big switch off will also impact LLU SMPF, SLU MPF, Narrowband Line Share and Classic Products.

The Big Switch off will impact broadband customers as well. Most broadband ADSL and FTTC services are supported by Single Analogue Lines. When this service is switched off, the broadband product will need to move to a Single Order variant.

The Stop Sell Policy – Trigger for Stop Sell

  • Exchange will have more than 75% Ultrafast Coverage* based on premises with
    Customer Ready for Service (CRFS) availability.
  • Exchange coverage is determined against Total Network Address Points (NAD Keys) within the exchange.

*GFAST with speeds over 300mb + FTTP

Timing of Stop Sell

  • Stop sell will be notified once an exchange has over 75% of Customers Ready for Service (CRFS)
    Ultrafast enabled or when there is a high guarantee that the exchange will reach 75% within 12 months
  • Openreach have, as of June 2020, identified 117 exchanges that they believe will reach 75% fibre availability by June 2021 so have issued 12 months’ notice to Stop Sell Copper products in these exchanges.
  • Openreach have also added an additional 51 exchange locations as of the 5th October 2020. These 51 exchanges will have the STOP SELL policy applied as of the 5th October 2021.
  • Openreach have also added an additional 51 exchange locations as of the 4th January 2021. These 51 exchanges will have the STOP SELL policy applied as of the 4th January 2022.
  • Openreach have also added an additional 77 exchange locations as of the 29th April 2021. These 77 exchanges will have the STOP SELL Policy applied as of the 29th April 2022.
  • Openreach have also added an additional 86 exchanges as of the 2nd August 2021. These 86 exchanges will have the STOP SELL Policy applied as of the 2nd August 2022.
  • If the trigger point of over 75% CRFS cannot be met within 12 months the stop sell will not be implemented until that exchange reaches 75% (which may take longer than 12 months)
  • Further exchanges may be added at any time and the programme will be constantly reviewed by Openreach

Stop Sell Policy and Product Scope

Stop sell applies at a premises level only where that premise has access to an available GEA-FTTP product. Where a premise has access to FTTP there will be no new supply of other products, CP Transfers, working line takeovers, addition of broadband to voice lines, bandwidth modifications, start of stopped lines or migrations to non-Ultrafast products.

  • If a premise has GEA-FTTP available to order, then only GEA-FTTP is available to that premise and instantly become within the scope of stop sell
  • If a premise does not have GEA-FTTP available, SOGFAST, SOGEA, GEA-FTTC, SOTAP (where no fibre is available), MPF & WLR (only until September 2023) will be available
SOGEA Roadmap