Barton Telecom Services Ltd offer a full range of lines and calls SIP Trunks, ISDN and analogue/broadband. You’ll have one point of contact where you will always speak to someone who has the knowledge to ensure you are kept in the loop and have a smooth change over.

We offer extremely competitive call charges and line rentals. These include bundled minutes packages or if you prefer, ‘pence per minute’.

Unlike most line providers, we have our own team of fully qualified engineers who can prove whether a line fault lies with BT or if it is an internal premises fault. These are the same engineers who deal with all on site work.

Lines and calls

Why choose Barton Telecom for your Lines and Calls?

Competitive Pricing

Call Packages

Trained Fault Specialists


Clear Billing

Disaster Recovery

SIP Trunks

SIP is the modern way of connecting to the outside world from your telephone system. SIP Trunks work over the internet and can offer savings on large line rental fees and call costs.
Many SIP packages offer bundled minutes which straight away lowers your monthly bills. SIP Trunks are extremely flexible as they allow you to keep your number if you were to move out of the area or for example you could have a Birmingham phone number at your Manchester site

Why choose SIP trunks?

  • Reliability
  • Cost effective
  • Bundled minutes
  • Disaster recovery
  • Easy to increase or decrease channels easily
  • BT have announced they are ceasing the ISDN network


ISDN has been given an end of life cut of date of 2025. This means BT are switching off all ISDN circuits after this time. ISDN lines are still popular and reliable; however, most customers are starting the migration over to the more cost effect SIP Trunks. We will continue to offer this solution right up to the cut-off point should you require it. Click the link below to see the benefits of changing to SIP.

Change from ISDN to SIP

Analogue Lines

Analogue Lines can be useful for small businesses with a low demand for features. Due to better solutions now available for voice, these traditional lines are mainly provided for faxes, PDQ machines or broadband.


What our Customers Say..

5 star rating on googleTHEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!!
Barton Telecom have been a fantastic company to work with they have always given us the best advise to support our business telecom needs and to work within our budget. They will go above and beyond to help if there is any problems at all. We would never go anywhere else!!!

Jemma Keywood-Bellamy

Diamond Jobs


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